The great gadget

August 3rd, 2008 admin

Last hub‘s birthday, I granted him what he wish for to buy a new GPS. I find it very convenient specially we love to travel during weekends. And that I will not be anymore the map girl giving the direction and instruction. This time I just seat there and enjoy my ride. So last weekend we tested the GPS and it’s a great gadget.

Mold removal services

June 26th, 2008 admin

I saw this documentary show on TV about a new built house suffering from a lot of molds in it. It is very disgusting scenario for the family. It is also very dangerous to one’s health living with molds. The house was examined and found out that the realtor’s fault. The real estate promise to fix up the new house . And so they hired the best company specializing in Mold Removal Services. One of them is the Alliance, the most experienced environmental contractors in Southern California. They have already experiences within 50 years. During this time, Alliance staff members have successfully completed more than 40,000 projects. Whether it’s a simple residential duct removal or a full scale commercial building abatement, satisfied customers include insurance carriers, property management companies, real estate and lending institutions, restoration specialists, construction companies, and government agencies, as well as private industry and homeowners. Regardless of the size or complexity of project, asbestos, mold, hazardous materials and lead abatement requires specialized skills and experience throughout the entire process. When teaming up with Alliance Environmental Group, Inc., one can rely upon their extensive experience, expertise and ingenuity to complete the process. For more information and details about this great services visit

Saturday night

June 25th, 2008 admin

Every Saturday, we have pizza for dinner. We always bought in our favorite Italian pizza in town. But this last Saturday, the restaurant was close because they have a short vacation. The best resort for this to have a pizza from the supermarket. I prefer the pizza from Dr. Oetker specially the Ristorante. I love Dr. Oetker products from baking to desserts. I bought Ristorante mozzarella and found out that they have a Ristorante Contest. As I was heating the pizza I open the website and join the contest by filling up their contest form. I also found in their site some interesting tips to do while baking the pizza. The pizza is good match with a delicate and rich, Chardonnay has a subtle creaminess that elevates the flavors of mozzarella. Make also sides dips with tortilla chips. It is also best to have it in picnics in your backyard or front yard. It can be also on a romantic eve dinner looking and gazing in the stars above. And to wrap it all up, try a sweet dessert like refreshing raspberry pudding which is the perfect mix of nostalgia and elegance. Don’t forget the whipped cream! Good thing I have sweet puddings too from Dr. Oetker. The Saturday dinner was complete and great as we also laid in the couch for a new DVD film.